Month: August 2013

Sochi 2014 article for Shameless

I recently volunteered for Shameless‘s roster of occasional bloggers and I’ve just contributed my first post. It touches on Russia’s LGBQT rights problems, and problems within the International Olympics Committee itself; namely, the regulations restricting the competition of women and and trans people. You can read it here.


Shelf Life: June 2013

Another month, another eclectic mix. 74. In Search of Duende, by Federico García Lorca (New Directions, 2010) A combination of poetry, and essays which felt a bit over my head. This probably shouldn’t have been my first introduction to Lorca. 75. Gwendolyn MacEwan, Vol 2, by Gwendolyn MacEwan (Exile Editions, 2001) This series of short, …

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