1. I find with family that I always have to explain to them that what I write isn’t biographical. Any poetry or fiction coming out of me has biographical elements, but I create works outside of myself. Personal reader interpretation is where the magic occurs.

    • April 24

      Yeah, my problem is, most of the poems that my family have seen that have been published have been autobiographical to some extent, because those are the ones I knew would resonate with them.

      But with Facebook and this blog (my family doesn’t follow Twitter), they see announcements for published stuff that doesn’t relate back to me or them, and just extrapolate based on titles. Which, for me, can be jarring, as I have no idea what they’re talking about when they talk about things I’ve written.

      It’s a funny thing.

  2. Said Sister
    April 24

    Well, all I had to go with was the title of the poem. I won’t know what it is even about until I read it. Which I still haven’t.

    • April 25

      Ask me next time you’re here.

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