Books Read in 2013


1. How to Be a Woman, by Caitlian Moran

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Vol. 8: Last Gleaming, by Joss Whedon

3. You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence, by Donato Mancini

4. Gwendolyn MacEwen, Volume 1, by Gwendolyn MacEwen

5. Life is About Losing Everything, by Lynn Crosbie

6. The Unmemntioable, by Erin Moure

7. Church of the Exquisite Panic, by Alayna Munce

8. Nice Weather, by Frederick Seidel

9. Masham Means Everything, by Kanina Dawson1

10. Just Kids, by Patti Smith

11. Patti Smith: Camera Solo, by Susan Talbott

12. Hamlet, by William Shakespeare


13. Illuminations, by Arthur Rimbaud, translated by John Ashbury

14. Illyria: Haunted, by Scott Tipton

15. Poems for an Oil-Free Coast 2

16. You Are Here, by James Pollock

17. Hologram, by PK Page

18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 9, Volume 1: Freefall, by Joss Whedon

19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 9, Volume 2: On Your Own, by Joss Whedon

20. Angel: A Hole in the World, by Scott Tipton

21. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, by The Oatmeal

22. An Oak Hutch, by Phil Hall

23. Budge, by Tom Osborne3

24. Am I Disturbing You?, by Anne Hebert

25. Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes, by Michael Cho

26. Full Frontal TO, by Patrick Cummins and Shawn Micallef

27. Born Weird, by Andrew Kaufman

28. [sic], by Nikki Reimer

29. Winterkill, by Catherine Graham


30. Rush, by bill bissett4

31. Heroines, by Kate Zambreno

32. Two Solitudes, by Hugh MacLennan

33. Expressway, by Sina Queyras

34. The People’s Apocalypse, edited by Ariel Gore5

35. Arts Reviews, by Celia Brayfield

36. Alert to Glory, by Sally Ito

37. 125 Best Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes, by Judith Finlayson

38. Distrust That Particular Flavor, by William Gibson

39. No Language is Neutral, by Dionne Brand

40. A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway, by Jeanette Lynes

41. The Sentinel, by AF Moritz


42. The Metaphysician in the Dark, by Charles Simic

43. Far to Go, by Alison Pick

44. In Reliquary, by Daryl Hine

45. Are You My Mother?, by Alison Bechdel

46. Angel: After the Fall, Vol. 1, by Joss Whedon

47. Angel: After the Fall, Vol. 2, by Joss Whedon

48. Angel: After the Fall, Vol. 3, by Joss Whedon

49. Angel: After the fall, Vol. 4, by Joss Whedon

50. The Essential PK Page, by PK Page

51. The Painted Girls, by Cathy Marie Buchanan

52. The Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker, by Lynn Alley

53. Unleashed, by Sina Queyras

54. Angel & Faith: Season 9, Vol. 1: Live Through This, by Christos Gage

55. Angel & Faith: Season 9, Vol 2: Daddy Issues, by Christos Gage

56. Crafting the Personal Essay, by Dinty W Moore

57. O Resplandor, by Erin Moure

58. subverting the lyric, by rob mclennan

59. Yesno, by Dennis Lee

60. Angel: After the Fall, Vol. 5, by Kelly Armstrong


61. Spike: The Complete Series, by Brian Lynch

62. Testament, by Dennis Lee

63. A Lover’s Quarrel, by Carmen Starnino

64. The Art of Recklessness, by Dean Young

65. Dinosaur Comics: Dudes Already Know About Chickens, by Ryan North

66. Angel & Faith, Season 9, Episode 3: Family Reunion, by Christos Gage

67. Hawkeye, Vol 1: My Life as a Weapon, by Matt Fraction

68. Demeter, by Becky Cloonan

69. My So-Called Freelance Life, by Michelle Goodman

70. Trobairitz, by Catherine Owen6

71. Adventure Time, Vol 1, by Ryan North

72. Lazy Bastardism, by Carmine Starnino

73. Ink on Paper, by Brad Cran7


74. In Search of Duende, by Federico García Lorca

75. Gwendolyn MacEwan, Vol 2, by Gwendolyn MacEwan

76. Chris Eaton: A Biography, a novel by Chris Eaton8

77. Short Haul Engine, by Karen Solie

78. Archive of the Undressed, by Jeanette Lynes

79.  The Polymers, by Adam Dickinson

80. What’s the Score?, by David McFadden

81.  Midnight Salvage: Poems, 1995-1998, by Adrienne Rich

82. Cottonopolis, by Rachel Lebowitz

83. Modern and Normal, by Karen Solie

84. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, Vol. 3, by Jane Espenson

85. Spike, by Peter David

86. Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes, by Daniel L Everett


87. Spike: Asylum, by Brian Lynch

88. Spike: A Dark Place, by Victor Gischler

89. Finding Grace, by Mary-Lynn Murphy9

90. The Walking Dead, Vol. 18: What Comes After, by Robert Kirkman

91. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 1, by Naoko Takeuchi

92. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 2, by Naoko Takeuchi

93. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 3, by Naoko Takeuchi

94. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 4, by Naoko Takeuchi

95. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 5, by Naoko Takeuchi

96. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 6, by Naoko Takeuchi

97. The Material Sublime, by Carelton Wilson10

98. The Modern Element, by Adam Kirsch

99. Tilt, by E Blagrave11

100. How Fiction Works, by James Wood

101. Government, by Jason Christie

102. 1996, by Sara Peters12

103. Hawkeye, Vol. 2: Little Hits, by Matt Fraction

104. Sex, Drugs & Cocopuffs, by Chuck Klosterman

105. Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement, by Ronna Bloom


106. Overqualified, by Joey Comeau

107. tether, by Jill Stengel

108. Mnemotechnics, by Jessica Smith

109. punchlines 1.0, by Aaron Tucker

110. Black Orchid, by Neil Gaiman

111. Sub Rosa, by Amber Dawn

112. Buffy the Vampires Slayer: Tales of the Vampires, by Joss Whedon

113. Spike: Shadow Puppets, by Brian Lynch

114. The Art of Fiction, by John Gardner

115. Angel, Vol. 1: The Curse, by Jeff Mariotte

116. Angel, Vol. 2: Old Friends, by Jeff Mariotte

117. An Experiment in Criticism, by CS Lewis

118. The Rabble of Downtown Toronto, by Jason Kieffer

119. The Will to Change, by Adrienne Rich

120. The Productive Writer, by Sage Cohen

121. Gender Outlaw, by Kate Bornstein

122. PoMoSexuals, edited by Carol Queen

123. Nobody Passes, edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore


124. BITCHfest, edited by Lisa Jervis

125. For Those About to Write, by Dave Bidini

126. The Perfect Scoop, by David Lebovitz

127. The Autobiography of Red, by Anne Carson

128. The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, by Michael Ondaatje

129. To Be or Not to Be, by Ryan North

130. Angel: After the Fall, Vol. 6: The Last Angel in Hell, by Brian Lynch

131. The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters that Rock, by Diana Burrell

132. Sex and the Slayer, by Lorna Jowett

133. The New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout, by Brian Michael Bendis

134. Timely Irreverence, by Jay MillAr

135. Willow: Wonderland, by Jeff Parker and Christos Gage13


136. The Renegade Writer, by Lisa Formichelli

137. Little Cat, by Tamara Faith Berger14

138. Serenity, Vol. 3: The Shepherd’s Tale, by Zack Whedon

139. Get a Freelance Life, by Margit Feury Ragland

140. Appetites, by Caroline Knapp

141. Veronica, by Mary Gaitskill

142. Angel & Faith. Vol. 4: Death and Consequences, by Christos Gage

143. The Wealthy Freelancer, by Steve Slaunwhite

144. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 9, Vol. 4: Welcome to the Team, by Andrew Chambliss

145. How to Kill a Vampire, by Liisa Ladouceur15

146. The Miracles of Ordinary Men, by Amanda Leduc16


147. Science: Ruining Everything Since 1543, by Zach Weiner

148. Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh17

149. The Freelance Bible, by Sara Horowitz

150. Writer for Hire, by Kelly James-Enger

151. Rimbaud the Son, by Pierre Michon

152. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 7, by Naoko Takeuchi

153. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 8, by Naoko Takeuchi

154. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 9, by Naoko Takeuchi

155. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 10, by Naoko Takeuchi

156. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 11, by Naoko Takeuchi

157. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 12, by Naoko Takeuchi

158. PostApoc, by Liz Worth18


159. No Kidding, edited by Henriette Mantel19

160. The Demonologist, by Andrew Pyper20

161. The Pure Gold Baby, by Margaret Drabble21

162. Bite Down Little Whisper, by Don Domanski

163. Blue is the Warmest Color, by Julie Maroh22

164. The Walking Dead, Vol. 19: March to War, by Robert Kirkman

165. The Flamethrowers, by Rachel Kushner23

166. Tender Buttons, by Gertrude Stein

167. How to Host a Dinner Party, by Corey Mintz24

168. Dance with Dragons, by George R R Martin

169. The New Avengers, Vol. 2: Sentry, by Brian Michael Bendis

170. The New Avengers, Vol. 3: Secrets and Lies, by Brian Michael Bendis

171. The New Avengers, Vol. 4: The Collective, by Brian Michael Bendis


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