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So, I started this little section called Shelf Life, where I write brief comments about the books I’ve read in a given month. June was the first month I did this, where I read eleven books and two graphic novels.

I’m a little late in getting this up for July’s books. I’d planned to write it up as I went along, but it got by the wayside as other deadlines and commitments took greater priority. But it’s done now, so for your (and, often, my) reading pleasure, I offer the following:

68. Psychogeography, by Merlin Coverley

I got interested in the idea of psychogeography after reading a little about it online, and there was a bit of buzz about it because of Will Self’s column in the Independent of the same name. The columns were collected and published in book form, and I read the first volume in May. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but it sufficed to pique my interest further, and I wanted to learn more about where it comes from.

Enter Coverley. Psychogeography is intended to serve as a small introduction to the subject, and it does that to a certain extent, but in the dullest prose possible for what should be a fascinating subject.

I’ll keep looking for new books on the subject, and if anyone knows a good book on the history and practice of psychogeography I’d love a recommendation.