Month: November 2010

So you want to write a novel

dwkazzie “So You Want to Write a Novel” Do you think they will let me direct the movie version of my book? This hurts. Whether from laughing or crying I can’t tell.

Words, a video poem

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo. Directed by Daniel Mercadante and Will Hoffman with a score by Keith Kenniff, Words is called a video poem, collage, and also seems to be an exercise in word association. It’s a neat idea, and very well executed. Spotted on BoingBoing.

Book shopping

I acquire books the way some go for shoes: I see something I want and simply must have it. Before going shopping on Saturday I asked the Twitterverse to recommend poets I should read, and I received some good suggestions: Anne Sexton from @la_panique, Louis Untermeyer from @szul, Robinson Jeffers from @davidbmetcalfe (thanks guys!) and I …

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