Bookish linkage and the Toronto Literary Salon

Ok, I’ve been linking to a lot of book-related stuff on Twitter, and rather than send a dozen tweets of linkage, why not consolidate the best into a single blog post? Why not, indeed.

Here we go:

  • ‘I just adore Dostoevsky…’ Books to impress the babes, – Seriously, people still say “babes”? And they don’t get punched? (Oddly, the list features Crowley, but no Dostoevsky. Go fig.)
  • Duke Special and the books that rock, – I have no idea who Duke Special is, but the idea of bibliorockers intrigues me.
  • Sex Survey of Librarians Reveals 1 in 5 Have Had Sex in the Stacks, Cleavland Leader – I have a friend who’s a genealogical librarian. She recently mentioned that one of her septuagenarian co-workers regularly goes for naps in the afternoon. Naps. Riiight.

While we’re at it, check out this awesome sounding event from Open Book Toronto:

The Toronto Literary Salon is pleased to present a fascinating series of Canadian writers throughout 2010, writers who will spark discussion and provoke an exchange of ideas with you. The series will be quarterly and rotate between the two arts & culture hubs, The Spoke Club and the Thompson Hotel.

Whyfore, you ask? Why, to…

Do what engaged and curious people have done for centuries and gather with writers for a salon. The point? To amuse each other, to be inspired by writing and culture, to expand one’s knowledge and opinions through conversation. Salons are where true dialogue (and yes, often feisty arguments) emerge.

Featuring: Joey Comeau, David Eddie, Russell Smith and Nathan Whitlock on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 @ 6:30 pm. Free entry. Details here.

Speaking of Joey Comeau, check out this recent comic on A Softer World. How will the crazy fundies of The Future express their dismay and horror?

PS: Yes, I signed up for the course. At the very least it’ll be interesting to hear another’s take on the art of reviewing. Not to mention a year’s extension on my Geist subscription, which is pretty nifty. I’m looking forward to it.

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