Ernest Hemingway in a bathing suit and other important news

I tweet this stuff all the time, but for those of you not on Twitter (Seriously? How can you not be on Twitter?) I’ve compiled this little Friday treat to get your weekend reading started.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll even become a semi-regular feature. I know, there are already a few great blogs doing this already, and the death of the book blog has been proclaimed loudly and repeatedly, ((Though this isn’t really a book blog, but a personal journal by a largely unknown writer. But whatevs.)) but so what? This is my list.

Have at it:

Which brings us to one of the things I’m most excited about: the creation of Canadian Women in the Literary Arts, begun in response to VIDA, an American organization focusing on women in the literary arts. Inspired by Natalie Zina Walschots and Sina Queyras (see above links), they’ve begun a CWILA Count (more info here.) They’ve also begun interviewing female writers and reviews editors such as Sina Queyras, Laura Moss, Mark Medley and Michael Lista, among others. Worth reading.

Also, awesome news regarding the Literary Press Group of Canada: the decision to remove their funding for 2012 has been reversed. Thanks and big love to everyone who contacted their MP and otherwise promoted their cause. You guys rule.

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