Gardening prep

New Tree

I dislike gardening, so it’s fortunate that I only have a small front garden, and a tiny vegetable patch in the back yard.

Today I planted a little tree in the front garden, which annoyed my neighbour, who proceeded to advised me that he intends to prune any branches which cross the property line. After saying he was fine with the tree.

He’s concerned that it will hang over his non-existent car in his non-existent driveway. Which he will pave. One day. And the tree’s ok. Except he’ll prune it if it crosses the little fence to his property line. But it’s fine.

Right. I think I have  a few years.

Early Raspberry Bushes

I also ventured into the back garden, clearing away  dead branches from the raspberry bushes which are just starting to get leaves.

They look so tiny. I love that they require no real maintenance. A little pruning now and again, and they’re good to go.

They will be so delicious.

I made a decent show of clearing the leaves and dead stuff from the tiny vegetable patch in preparation for planting next weekend. I expect this to rock, though I’m not quite sure what I’ll be planting.

Empty Vegetable Garden

I tried growing tomatoes one year, and a few herbs, but I was terrible at tending it. I’m hoping to make a better go of it this year.

If all goes well, expect photographs documenting my wild success.

Proof this city girl can grow things that are edible.

On purpose.

Hey, I may even post recipes.

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