Gardening: Take 2

Step 1, May 2012

I hate gardening. So, I pick Eris Day to take it up again. Figures.

In 2009, I got as far as step 1: remove all the weeds, rocks and crap from the space, but then I didn’t get any further with it. Gardening always seems like a lot of work, and I didn’t really have the patience for it.

Three years later, I’m having another go at it. See figure 1, left.

I weeded a couple of weeks ago, then left it, and they all grew back. So, this morning, I went back to square one, and removed all the godsdamned weeds.

I left the chives, which had somehow persevered, though I think the last time I planted them was when we bought the house, back in 2006. Apparently chives are immortal.

Step 2, May 2012

I then bought two giant packages of composted sheep’s manure and added them to the space. Not enough. I went back to the garden shop and bought two more bags. It’ll do.

I dug and mixed as best I could with a shovel which was not at all suited to the task.

Also, apparently, neither am I, as the angles in these shots are rather different. But you get the idea, I’m sure.

I was eager to get started. I’d bought a couple of plants the day before at the Big Carrot, and acquired a few more at a nearby garden centre on Rogers Road, and planted what I had so far.

Step 3, May 2012

I also added a row of bricks running through the middle so I’d have easier access to the plants without trampling them.

In the first section, beginning from the last row left, I have finger eggplant, two pickling cucumber plants, and asparagus.

In the second section I have chocolate mint, rosemary, jalapeno peppers, gooseberry and four basil plants.

I have no idea if my spacing is right. I know the one year I did manage a garden I planted things too close together and then neglected the hell out of it. I’m trying to avoid that this time. I think these guys should have room to grow.

Raspberry Bush, May 2012

My raspberry bush is my favourite plant. I do nothing to it but cut the dead stuff each year, and it grows like a bushy weed, filling space and taking root wherever it finds the tiniest crack between the paving stones. I never water it, and yet it continues to produce a bounty of raspberries each year. It’s awesome.

As for my the vegetable garden, I plan on adding more plants throughout the week. I know I want some dill, and maybe some variety of dark basil as well. Maybe blueberries? Some strawberries?

Any other suggestions?

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