Hey Jude: Day 1

My sister and her boyfriend are on vacation this week. They’re going to Ottawa. To me this sounds like the most boring vacation possible, but she lived there for a few years, so she must be immune to the nothing that happens there. Or corrupted by it.

Hello Beatle

At any rate, we’re rabbit sitting for her boyfriend while they’re away. Her name is Jude.

We’ve set her up in my home office, where we can close the door so she’ll be safe from our cats while we’re away. Though it did take the cats an inordinate amount of time to notice there was a bunny in the house in the first place.

They sniffed her food bag, shavings bag, ate some of her hay (Merlyn), before they realized that the cage wasn’t for them. It had a foreign creature inside. Then it scared them.¬†

Merlyn cowers from caged bunny

Jude didn’t actually do anything, but that didn’t really matter to Merlyn. He hid in the hallway for about ten minutes. Bootsy became intensely interested for a while, then lost interest and hasn’t been back in the room since.

My orange cat is not a brave one. Every time anyone touched the cage and it made a sound, or Jude moved in the slightest, Merlyn scramble out of the room as if chased by demons.

Over the past few hours he’s gradually become used to the idea of a bunny in the house. Or so I thought. Until I heard him hiss at it.

Bootsy regularly attacks him and smacks him across the face, and sometimes he looks (emotionally) hurt and confused, but never angry or scared. Yet a tiny grey bunny sits in its cage, doing absolutely nothing and he feels threatened.

I don’t understand it.

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