It Grows: Strawberry Edition

Strawberries, June 2012

This is crazy town. I just planted these, what, two weeks ago? And now I have actual strawberries happening in my garden. Wow. ((For the record, shortly after this picture was taken I weeded out that little plant you see below the berries. Lemon balm. I can’t get it to stop growing. I don’t even have it planted anywhere any more. I pulled it all up, and I keep pulling it up. When will it, you know, get the hint and go away?))

The raspberries have just started to come through. There’s going to be a ton of them. Enough to jam for weeks, I’m sure. The bees have been very busy. (No sexual innuendo intended. Well, maybe a little one. Wait, that’s not what I meant…)

Anyway, my goth salad is growing these adorably sunshine yellow flowers. As I said before, I have no idea what the deal is with this stuff, I just think it looks cool. The container’s getting full, I may also eat some of it soon.

The vegetable plans look a little bigger, but otherwise unchanged. No flowers (I think they’re supposed to flower), no bits of vegetable sticking out that I see. But those are things that are supposed to happen later in the year. I think. Right?

Haven’t noticed any progress with the blueberries yet. Unless those bulbous looking flower bottom things are the berries? I have no idea what’s going on in my garden. I am a horrible gardener. But I’m learning.

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