It Grows: Zucchini Edition

Sometimes a zucchini is just a zucchini.

The zucchini is starting. This is the only one I can see so far, but there are a ton of flowers, so it should be a good crop. The flowers look like a terrifying-but-also-kind-of-beautiful species from another galaxy, and while I’ve heard they’re edible, they do not taste delicious raw. Nasturtiums, on the other hand, are quite tasty. And they like to wander.

Entirely of its own accord, the nasturtium somehow crept over or or under the gooseberry bush and found its way to the fence and began to climb. I’m impressed with how far it’s gotten.

Cucumber tendrils are crawling all over the place. I’ve pulled a few off of the tomatoes where they look like they’re starting to choke it. I didn’t realize they’d made it over to the other side of the garden until I found these yellow flowers in my basil. Should I start cutting it back?

The raspberry bush is dropping berries faster than I can gather them. I should have been jamming all this week, but, you know, work. Tomorrow, I’ve decided, is the day. Time to break out Bob.

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