Jude Goes Home: Day 8

Jordan reunites with Jude

Miraculously, my sister called and said they’d come home a day early.

Apparently it did nothing in Ottawa but rain for a solid week. Ottawa’s boring in the sunshine, too, but it seemed to be the rain that killed it for them.

Jordan seemed very happy to see Jude again. (In fact, that might even be a smile on his face…!)

I, in turn, was happy to see Jordan take Jude away. I showed him the chunks missing from my bookcase, the split wood, the offending rabbit.

Rabbit poppet

They attempted to placate me with cheese ((Hooray for Maple Dale!)) and bought me a little pink stuffed bunny to remember Jude by.

I’ve placed the toy bunny on the shelf the rabbit chewed.

I told them I’d stick pins in it.

They packed up the rabbit’s cage, and placed Jude in a cardboard box for travelling.

Bootsy and a box

Bootsy made a point of saying one last good-bye.

Though it could be that she just wanted inside the box. She has a thing for boxes, you see.

All in all, I’m certainly happier to watch the rabbit than I would have been to look after their dog.

Though I think the experiences of the past week have cured me of all desire to play host to pet rodents of my own. I once had pet rats (on purpose), but they were a lot of work. So are rabbits.

I’ll stick to cats. And my newt.

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