Jude the Wily: Day 7

Rabbits? Really?

On day 1 I still getting used to the idea of Jude and rabbit-sitting, but already by day 2 I was trying to see what Jordan saw in her. (The rabbit, not my sister. Though that’s another topic entirely…)

I still don’t think I get it.

So I’ve compiled a list of the favourable attributes of a pet rabbit, and contrasted it with how much they suck.

Bunny, it ain’t lookin’ good fer you. (Have you considered not being a rabbit?)

Good Stuff About Rabbits

  1. They’re cute.
  2. They’re soft.
  3. Easter is fun.

The last one’s not even technically about rabbits. It’s about paganism.

Now that we’ve exhausted their positive features, let’s get to the bulk of the pet-rabbit experience.

Rabbits: for good or evil?

Why Rabbits Suck

  1. They can’t purr.
  2. In fact, they can’t do anything cool.
  3. They create an unbelievable stench.
  4. They can’t be trusted outside a cage. ((See next point for why.))
  5. Because they chew everything.
  6. Like bookcases. They chew bookcases. Who does that?

This concludes our scientific survey of why rabbits make terrible pets.

In other news, my sister and her boyfriend are expected to return Sunday.

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