Kitchen herb garden

After Bootsy died, I needed something to do – a project.

I’d bought these Fintorp buckets from Ikea back in November, which tells you how long I’ve been sitting on this. They’re intended to be cutlery caddies, but I thought they’d make nice containers for an indoor herb garden.

So, we went to Plant World, my go-to place for edible food as of this year, and I selected some plants. In December, as you can imagine, their selection isn’t as extensive as it would normally be, but I think I made out ok.

On the top row we have mojito mint and peppermint. I’ve never made mojitos, only enjoyed those made by others, but now that I have the appropriate mint, I imagine I’ll soon be looking for recipes.

The middle row is parsley, rosemary and thyme. Sage wouldn’t fit, and, realistically, I don’t use it often enough that it would make sense to grow it, even if it would complete the set outlined in Scarborough Fair.

The bottom row is basil. I’d run out of the home made pesto I’d been enjoying all September and October, and I want to grow these bad boys large enough that I can make more. I am a pesto fiend.

While my garden outside may be dead, and the cat I’ve had since my Grandmother died, who lived with me in my first, second and third apartments, who was with me when we bought our current house, who’s lived with me longer than my husband, is now gone, at least now there’s something new growing in this dead season. And I think it looks cute. The bat makes it work.

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