Literature loves music, feminism, loose morals and My Little Pony

It’s been a while since I last posted one of these. I’ve since been tattooed, been to England to seen the Bap Mobile (that’s not a typo), ((Ok, so I was primarily in England to visit with my in-laws and attend a wedding. But the Bap Mobile, c’mon!)) and run 5k in a pink wig.

I’ve been keeping busy. So has the Internet.

I’m loving the new Lemon Hound. The design is great, and there’s some great stuff to be found there. Check it out.

CWILA has upped the Critic-in-Residence stipend from $2000 to $3000 and is still looking for applications. The deadline is November 1st, 2012, and the payout will occur sometime in December. Get your application in!

  • Publishers Weekly shares “The 10 Most Mentioned Songs in Books.”
  • Stacey May Fowles piece in the National Post on sexual assault, writing, and liberty,”What Can’t Be Published,” is a must read.
  • Sheila Sampath’s piece in Shameless on the future of feminism is important as well.
  • Anna Gurji’s comments on the film Innocence of Muslims in Neil Gaiman’s online journal, and how it was not the film she was told was being produced.
  • Kim at One Last Book shared a great video of Sunera Thobani, who argues, among other things, against colonial-style impositions of a “western” feminism and encourages supporting alliances with feminists on the ground to protect and support women’s rights.
  • American atheism experiences growing pains, as misogynists demonstrate that even atheists can be assholes when Jen McCreight gets sexually harassed. She fights back. Thus begins Atheism+.
  • In other news, Armchair/Shotgun accidentally publishes an all-women issue.
  • Kirsty Gunn champions the short story.
  • Rick Mercer reflects on the power of the rant.
  • Steven W Beatie questions why some believe literature ought to be virtuous, from Émile Zola to the 2012 the Man Booker Prize.

And I still haven’t decided what to be for Hallowe’en this year. My options are limited to what I can wear while cycling to work, and what I can wear comfortably for five or six hours.

I like the idea of these simple My Little Pony hoodies, except I want a goth pony. On Twitter Nightmare Moon was suggested as a possibility, but, alas, it seems to be lacking from the present selection.

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