More poetry sent

This time to Saskatoon! Savvy Canlitmag ((How’s that for an abbreviation?)) readers will instantly be able to guess the publication, but I hesitate to mention it due to vague superstitions and the fact that there is, of course, the possibility that the poems will be rejected and I will fret to myself if only I hadn’t mentioned the name of the magazine!

But of course this is all meaningless.

Been reading Bukowski lately, and just picked up two new ((Used, actually, but new to me.)) books of Atwood’s poetry ((Atwood, my idol.)) from Seeker’s, one of my favourite bookstores in this universe.

Still working on that short story. I kind of let it slide as I’ve been feeling sort of inspired to write poetry this week – most of it bad, and thus discarded, but there was one I really liked, and I send that along with some others written earlier to the (not so) mysterious Saskatoon lit mag.

Excited. Apprehensive. The result of work. Work that frustrates me the way code does, getting right, doing it properly. Work I love.

Back to it!

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