Reading Rules

Inspired by this post on Book Riot, I thought I’d share my own reading rules:

  1. Read voraciously. Don’t just read in the genres you’re comfortable with – branch out, read some really weird stuff.
  2. Be selective. There are too many books out there to waste time reading something less than worthy. Read reviews, criticism, and literary theory. It helps.
  3. Read it all. If you start it, finish it. In your lifetime you are allowed to not finish ten books – max. Use your allotment wisely.
  4. Read lots. It’s ok to read several books at once. Some books are slow burners. I have books I’ve been reading for more than two years.
  5. Don’t bend pages.
  6. Don’t crack spines.
  7. Don’t write or highlight in books. It’s vulgar.
  8. Always, always keep a notebook handy.
  9. Don’t lend books. Instead buy extra copies or give books as gifts. That way when you don’t see them again it won’t hurt as much – you’ll still have your copy.

Have I forgotten anything?

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