Short story submitted, the price of IRCs and something published

Last Tuesday I submitted another short story submitted to an American magazine. Holy cow IRCs ((IRC = International Reply Coupon)) are expensive. Four dollars. For the cost of a stamp to mail a letter from America to Canada. Oh. Em. Gee. The entire package ended up costing almost eight bucks. For something that may or may not be picked up.

To my American friends: Pls to be sendink American stamps for postage to Canada. Will send money via PayPal. Contact me. Thx.

I received confirmation of my submission to the poetry contest I entered last week, which is good to hear. Still haven’t heard back on submissions sent in February of this year, but responses from pieces sent late last year are arriving slowly but surely.

Speaking of, an essay of mine submitted last autumn has appeared in the latest issue of the online magazine Rending the Veil, you can find it here. Short but sweet.

In a week I head for Paris via Montreal. Until then, more poetry to edit, and a short story I’m trying to get finished for a contest that closes on the 15th.

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