Spring 2013 garden prep


It may have snowed two weeks ago, and rained for a week solid, but the sun’s out today, and warm weather has been predicted by the augurs going forward, so I’m doing it. I’m prepping the garden for 2013.

I’ve pulled up all the dead stuff, and moved a few strawberry bushes (more below), and added new composted soil which claims it will double my veggie yield.

Blueberry bush

The blueberry bush is starting to bud (above), and the raspberry bushes are even further along (below).

Raspberry bushes

Mix results with the strawberry bushes (below). The ones on the left side were originally in the now cleared plot. I moved them to give them their own space, or rather, to share sun with the rest of the berry bushes by the side fence.

The one I left in its own pot (on the right), I completely ignored for the entire winter. As a result, it looks a little worse for wear. I’m hoping it will revive with a little watering can love.

Strawberry bushes

Some herbs have resurrected themselves, which I wasn’t expecting. I figured everything would die and I would have to start again.

It looks like the curled parsley may make it, and, surprisingly, the rosemary. I thought I’d killed that thing. The columbine looks hearty, as does the oregano. I have to figure out what I’m going to do with this space before I disrupt what’s going on there.

More to do

Is it too early to actually start planting things? I really want to pick up some plants this weekend.

Success one year, and now I’m hooked. What a sucker.

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