Stuff submitted, contest entered, and a possible course

Poetry submissions sent to Nova Scotia on Monday. One of them is kind of controversial, so who knows.

On Saturday I entered the Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest, sponsored by The New Quarterly. ((Link above if you want to join my competition.)) 

This is the first contest I’ve ever entered, and reading over the past submissions (cleverly after I’d already sent in my entry), it looks like most of them are rhymed verse, and the poem I submitted is free verse. Though there was nothing specifying either way, I hope it won’t count against me. Ah well, either way I wrote a poem I like about a friend’s recently discovered pregnancy, and that’s something. 

Canadian Magazine recently posted about a review writing workshop hosted by  Geist which sounds interesting (details here). I’ve been writing reviews for years, published some in various magazines, etc., but they tend to be rather long. ((See recent review of Frances Yates and the Hermetic Tradition, for example. This is a short one for me.)) It’s a few days after I return from Paris, so time may be tight, but I think I’ll go. Includes a year’s subscription to Geist, too. Excellent.

That’s it for now.

Posting these updates helps keep me motivated, and will provide a sort of log and journal of my progress. Assuming I make progress. Ok, a journal of what occurs. More realistic?

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