The death of literature (yes, again…), poetic dendrophiliacs, and other bookish stuff

Though it can seem like it sometimes, the world’s not all bad. Apparently whales are learning to speak human, or at least trying, and that’s pretty awesome. Maybe once they get the hang of it they can advise us how to live better.

Canadian publishing is about to get smaller with Douglas & McIntyre filing for bankruptcy protection. Shortly before that announcement, the co-founder Scott McIntyre was announced as the recipient of the first-ever Ivy Award. John Barber comments in The Globe and Mail, and Matt Williams of House of Anansi responds.

Not to mention the impending merger of two of the world’s largest publishing houses, Penguin and Random House. See Quillblog’s poll for their merger name. I like House of the Random Penguin best, myself.

And, while we’re at it, the Toronto Women’s  Bookstore is closing at the end of November. You can read a great tribute on here.

At least some of us are still reading (though, that said, people have been ringing death knells for the book pretty much since they started to print them) . The Canada Reads 2013 long list has been announced (though none of my suggestions made the list). You can vote for your pick in each region until November 5th, so get your vote on.

I’m going to assume you’ve already seen the trailer for Iron Man 3, and that you think it’s “dark.” But if you haven’t, there’s the link.

Happy weekend, kids.


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