Wedding Anniversary 2009

Drew & Nico

August 4th, 2009 was our eighth wedding anniversary.

This year we decided our gift to each other would be to finally frame the picture we bought while in Montreal for our fifth anniversary. It certainly seemed reasonable.

So, on Tuesday we went out for dinner at a local place we both enjoy.

It’s ten years ago this summer (July 8th, to be exact) that Drew and I met properly for the first time and eight years ago since we were married. It’s a long time, but it doesn’t feel like a long time ago.

A few years ago I asked Drew why he thought our relationship worked. His response: “Because I’m cool”. I told him that was funny, as I was going to say it was because I was awesome. He nodded and cheerily replied something to the effect of “That’s right, we’re both awesome”.

There’s a lesson in here: successful relationships work because each partner is individually awesome and cool. If one of the pair isn’t supremely nifty, it’s probably not going to last. (Love can only carry you so far.)

Cheers to all the awesome people out there.

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