Writing advice, reviewing advice, and a new pic of Emily Dickinson

After going to St Jacob’s Market last Thursday, I spent the next few days canning up a storm. I made several dozen jars of spicy dill spears, bread and butter pickles, pickled jalapeños, blueberry jam, strawberry vanilla jam, plain strawberry jam, peach plum ginger jam, brandied peaches, and on Wednesday I had another, more successful, go at making oven dried tomatoes, using sweet orange tomatoes from my garden.


Somewhere in there I actually managed to get a few new poems written, and a couple of reviews, though my to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.


Once you’ve made your way through these, pick up the latest issue of Broken Pencil, check out my reviews (because I’m vain), then check out the books I reviewed (because they’re worth it).

Happy reading.

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