Panel for the Shape of Sex

Paper presented at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting 2023

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to present a short paper, “Theory in Medieval Trans Studies,” at the American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, 5 January 2023, in Philadelphia, PA.

The panel was titled The Shape of Sex, after Leah DeVun’s excellent monography of the same name, and discussed her work.

The panel was moderated by Ruth Mazo Karras, and also consisted of Roland Betancourt, Gabrielle Bychowski, Robert Mills, and Maaike van der Lugt, with additional comment by Leah DeVun.

This was a dream list of my academic heroes, and it was incredibly intimidating, moving, and awesome to be in the presence of such brilliance. (I may have fanqueered. A lot.)

Thanks again, so very much, to everyone involved. It was an absolutely incredibly event!

Shape of Sex program panel description
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