Detail of Hardouyn Book of Hours, c. 1526 (f. a6)

See me at History Across the Disciplines

Update: This conference has been cancelled due to covid-19.

History Across the Disciplines is a conference put on at Dalhousie University by the Dalhousie Graduate History Society.

I will present a paper titled “Private Devotion: The Materiality of a Sixteenth Century Printed Books of Hours.”

Books of hours were the most widely produced manuscripts in the medieval period, and continued to be so for the next two hundred and fifty years, out-selling even the Christian Bible. Though they were of little interest to contemporary scholars, more books of hours have survived than any other genre of text produced in this period. Published in Paris c. 1526 by Germain Hardouyn, the book of hours under present study was illustrated with metalcut designs by Jean Pichore that have been hand-coloured. In discussing its formal qualities and provenance, this paper will place this Hardouyn book of hours within the context of printed and illustrated ones produced in the same period.

History Across the Disciplines will take place from Thursday, 20 March through Sunday, 22 March 2020 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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