More poetry sent

This time to Saskatoon! Savvy Canlitmag ((How’s that for an abbreviation?)) readers will instantly be able to guess the publication, but I hesitate to mention it due to vague superstitions and the fact that there is, of course, the possibility that the poems will be rejected and I will fret to myself if only I hadn’t mentioned […]

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Another submisison

I mailed out another submission this afternoon; a short story to a Canadian magazine I recently discovered and enjoy. I wrote the first draft of the story a few months ago and have been tinkering with it incessantly for the past few weeks. It’s been driving me mad, but I think it’s ok. I hope so, anyway. It’s

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Save the Words: Vampirarchy

Mes amis, I have adopted a lovely word in attempts to save it from extinction. The word I adopted is vampirarchy, which refers to a set of ruling persons comparable to vampires. ((Is this a favourable association or not? I can’t tell.)) It is now my solemn duty to “use this word as frequently as possible from

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