Kitchen herb garden

After Bootsy died, I needed something to do – a project. I’d bought these Fintorp buckets from Ikea back in November, which tells you how long I’ve been sitting on this. They’re intended to be cutlery caddies, but I thought they’d make nice containers for an indoor herb garden. So, we went to Plant World, my go-to […]

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Writing with Cats: Episode Three

BOOTSY: Yo, it’s pettin’ time.  Hook me up. ((“Pettin’ time” is like Hammertime, but without the parachute pants.)) ME: No honey, I’m working. BOOTSY: Ok, cool. Imma roll around in this patch of sunlight for a few minutes. Don’t mind me. ME: Thanks for understanding. BOOTSY: No problem. It’s been seconds since I’ve slept; I’m exhausted. I’ll

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Introducing Lydia

On Wednesday my husband and I visited a shelter run by Toronto Animal Services to look at the kittens available for adoption. The closest, the South Region centre, was difficult to reach due to blockades set up for the Indy races which were happening that weekend. After circling the centre for close to half an hour, we

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Jude Goes Home: Day 8

Miraculously, my sister called and said they’d come home a day early. Apparently it did nothing in Ottawa but rain for a solid week. Ottawa’s boring in the sunshine, too, but it seemed to be the rain that killed it for them. Jordan seemed very happy to see Jude again. (In fact, that might even be a

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