Writing author bios

I’ve written my share author biographies over the years, and my go-to bio is fairly straightforward: it lists my name, where I’m from, recent publications and this website. If it’s an online publication, or it seems like their readership is fairly hip, I’ll include my Twitter handle. It looks like this: Nico Mara-McKay is a writer living […]

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“Make good art”

I finally got around to watching the recording of Neil Gaiman’s Address to the University of the Arts Class of 2012 today, and I’m sorry I waited. Everyone and their brother’s already linked to it, but if, like me, you put off watching it for whatever reason, here’s another chance: Neil Gaiman‘s a fantastic speaker, and it’s

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First day

I resigned from my position at the bank several weeks ago, Friday was officially my last day. Today was to be my first day getting to work as a properly self-employed person. I’m still working out what that means. For me, today, it meant calling in sick. I thought it a smart move to use what benefits

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I quit!

At the end of May my husband and I went to Paris for two weeks. This is my favourite picture of me from that trip. I really dig the beret, and it didn’t bother me a bit that I was the only person in Paris wearing one. We’re still working on sorting through the pictures (Drew took

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