It Grows: Zucchini Edition

The zucchini is starting. This is the only one I can see so far, but there are a ton of flowers, so it should be a good crop. The flowers look like a terrifying-but-also-kind-of-beautiful species from another galaxy, and while I’ve heard they’re edible, they do not taste delicious raw. Nasturtiums, on the other hand, are quite […]

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It Grows: Tomato Edition

The tomatoes are already starting to come in, and they look adorable. Many other plants have flowered, and I took a few pictures, but haven’t had a chance to put them up, and now look: fruit. Already. Who knew? The blueberries are still very green, and while I’ve eaten most of the strawberries, two seem to be

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Shelf Life: May 2012

A varied month. 50. Twenty-Seventh City, by Jonathan Franzen (Picador , 1988, 2001) To backtrack, I really liked The Corrections, and thought The Discomfort Zone was pretty good, but I felt like I kept waiting for Twenty-Seventh City to make sense. At its most bare, it’s the story of a conspiracy by a group of people to destroy

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It Grows: Strawberry Edition

This is crazy town. I just planted these, what, two weeks ago? And now I have actual strawberries happening in my garden. Wow. ((For the record, shortly after this picture was taken I weeded out that little plant you see below the berries. Lemon balm. I can’t get it to stop growing. I don’t even have it

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Gettin’ my ‘erb on

Gardening two days in a row! This may be a new record. My boss generously gave me two tomato plant. I planted them in front of the pickling cucumbers on the left side. I added some dark opal basil (there’s an awesome looking recipe in Grow Great Grub that I want to try), two parsley plants, dill,

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