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Shelf Life: May 2012

A varied month. 50. Twenty-Seventh City, by Jonathan Franzen (Picador , 1988, 2001) To backtrack, I really liked The Corrections, and thought The Discomfort Zone was pretty good, but I felt like I kept waiting for Twenty-Seventh City to make sense. At its most bare, it’s the story of a conspiracy by a group of people to destroy

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Bookish linkage and the Toronto Literary Salon

Ok, I’ve been linking to a lot of book-related stuff on Twitter, and rather than send a dozen tweets of linkage, why not consolidate the best into a single blog post? Why not, indeed. Here we go: ‘I just adore Dostoevsky…’ Books to impress the babes, – Seriously, people still say “babes”? And they don’t get

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Bruce Springstzine No. 1

I couldn’t even tell you how many things I’ve bought off the Internet because someone I don’t know, but think is cool, told me to. But I know that it’s not a small number. So, when Emily Horne, the photographer behind one of my favourite online comics A Softer World, told the Internet to buy Mike Saturday

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