Writing with Cats: Episode Two

MERLYN: It’s snuggle time! ME: No honey, I’m working. MERLYN: I’ll just sit behind you on this chair. ME: Sure, that’s fine. MERLYN: And nudge you with my head. ME: Kinda disruptive… MERLYN: Now I’ll sit in front of the monitor and nuzzle your chin. ME: Uh, I can’t see. MERLYN: My face is now in your […]

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Introducing Lydia

On Wednesday my husband and I visited a shelter run by Toronto Animal Services to look at the kittens available for adoption. The closest, the South Region centre, was difficult to reach due to blockades set up for the Indy races which were happening that weekend. After circling the centre for close to half an hour, we

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Jude makes a friend: Day 3

Monday. Bunny was home all day by herself, shut in my office. When I returned home and opened my office door the cats rushed in, as they hate shut doors. Jude must have been lonely, because she seemed to perk up when I opened her cage to pet her. The cats sniffed the cage warily, but Jude

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Hey Jude: Day 1

My sister and her boyfriend are on vacation this week. They’re going to Ottawa. To me this sounds like the most boring vacation possible, but she lived there for a few years, so she must be immune to the nothing that happens there. Or corrupted by it. At any rate, we’re rabbit sitting for her boyfriend while

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