Shelf Life: May 2012

A varied month. 50. Twenty-Seventh City, by Jonathan Franzen (Picador , 1988, 2001) To backtrack, I really liked The Corrections, and thought The Discomfort Zone was pretty good, but I felt like I kept waiting for Twenty-Seventh City to make sense. At its most bare, it’s the story of a conspiracy by a group of people to destroy […]

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Banana jam? Is that a thing?

Dude, it’s totally a thing. I know. I had no idea either. At the beginning of the month Kim came over and we made pickled beets. Yesterday we made banana pistachio jam. I the recipe in Jody Vassallo’s Preserving Basics, which, I admit, I initially bought for the pretty pictures of food. It’s a part of the

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Shelf Life: August 2011

June marked the first edition of Shelf Life, and July the second, so with August I bring you the third collection of brief notes on what I read this month. You’ll notice this month’s list has gone up in a much more timely fashion. This time I took my own advice and wrote these notes as I

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