Nico is a dream to work with. She is intelligent and articulate and her reviews are always thoughtful, nuanced and elegantly written. She also adheres to deadlines and is unafraid to ask for clarification if needed.

–Alison Lang, Assistant Editor for Broken Pencil

Nico Mara-McKay has been writing and editing online since before the word blog even existed. Her organizational, editorial and aesthetic senses are complemented by the enduring work ethic that her eloquent writing style has highlighted since the late 1990s. She is a driven, focused and detail-oriented professional that I whole-heartedly recommend for any editorial and writing endeavours.

–Seamus McKeon, Social Media Marketing Specialist

There are many today that spend time writing and editing for blogs and online magazines without much proficiency in actual literary and journalism skills. Nico is not one of these people. She has a great breadth of knowledge that translates well, not only in her written work, but also in the passion she exhibits in her social interactions.

–Michael Szul, Web Designer

Working with Nico is a treat: she professionally handles the writing freelancers offer, from pitch to publishing. I couldn’t help but smile and nod in agreement at her suggestions for communicating my ideas on writing tarot poetry to an audience who may be intimidated by the art of crafting verse. She helped me bring two loves together in a very polished article, and is an asset to writers.

–Tabita Dial, Poet

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