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Oh, man. Where did the month go? Never mind that, where did the year go? All the years?!

Two years ago this month I quit my job. Some things have changed in that time – I’m getting more poetry acceptance letters, I’m slowly starting to creep out of my writing cave and meet other people who write on purpose, and I’m starting to get more involved with other bookish websites and organizations. But a lot has remained the same, too. I still don’t have a completed manuscript, I still struggle to write anything decent, and I’ve yet to see a short story of mine in print.

It’s a process, I get that, and I get that I’m not one of those people for whom these kinds of things come easily, but the massive deadline that’s been looming over my subconscious is, well, making itself more conscious: in exactly a week I turn 30. I am not ready for this.

Hey, look!  Distracting linkage!

Now that I have a shiny new Muppet-themed identity crisis I’m off to cry myself to sleep. Way better than worrying that I’ve accomplished nothing in my life as I’m turning 30, right? Right.

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