I have been writing and editing professionally since 2010, and in that time I have copyedited print and digital magazines, managed freelancers, assessed pitches, assigned stories, scheduled content, and developed an in-house style guide and lexicon for two magazines. I’ve written for community newspapers and magazines, done content writing, literary journalism, and online marketing, social media, and newsletter management for various publications.

After a period spent away achieving my HBA, MA, and half a PhD, I am getting back into freelance writing and editing. Unfortunately, in the intervening years a number of the magazines, journals, and websites that I used to write for no longer exist, and I have had a difficult time tracking down hardcopies to scan for clips. However, I have found a few things, though the samples uploaded here are not necessarily representative of my diverse body of work.

For a more complete list of my past work, please see my publication history.

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