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The Pulitzer jury, editors, and cats for mayor

Time crashes by, and I’m left wide-eyed wondering what the hell just happened. Life’s thrown me a bewildering start to my thirties. I thought I’m finally supposed to feel like a grown up now? Or is bemoaning how that’s not quite the case exactly what I’m supposed to be feeling? I get the sense it’s the latter. […]

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Read it, but not in Comic Sans

So, news. Jan Zwicky wrote an essay for The Malahat Review titled “The Ethics of the Negative Review,” which CWILA republished on their site. Michael Lista responded to it, quite negatively, in the National Post’s Afterword. Then  Zwicky responded to his response. And Lista responded to her response of his response. You following? Other people have weighed

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Shelf Life: April 2012

April seemed to be a month for poetry and reading books for Broken Pencil reviews. 36. Attack of the Copula Spiders, by Douglas Glover (Biblioasis, 2012) The subtitle proclaims this a collection of essays about writing, and while the first two may be construed as such, the remaining essays are primarily concerned with reading. It’s a great

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