Happy Caturday: Cat fort

Our weekend mornings are usually pretty relaxed. Listen to the radio (Vinyl Cafe then Josie’s Top 20 on Saturdays, Psychedelic Sunday on Sundays), drink coffee, eat croissants, and read the weekend papers. Our youngest cat, Lydia, loves to crawl under the discards. She likes it even more if we build her a fort.

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Recursive Lydias

On Twitter I’d mentioned that my kitten was making it difficult to write as her little head was resting on my laptop. In the tradition of the Internet, I received a response to the effect of “pics or it didn’t happen.” It happened: And by “write” I mean post pictures of my cat on G+. Serious business.

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Working from home with a kitten

Pictured left is my kitten, Lydia, patiently waiting for me to throw her mousie for the kazillionth time. And by patiently, I mean she will wait a few seconds before resulting to the tactics outlined by The Oatmeal in Cat vs Internet. He gets it. Perfectly. Cats will try anything – anything – to get your attention. 

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