Month: April 2012

The bee’s knees

Recently my sister and I played a fun game of “do kids still say…” with two teenaged cousins. Wait, did I say “fun”? I meant depressing. I’m not yet thirty, but apparently I’m old enough. In a scant ten years, the lingo has changed. Apparently kids no longer used “taxed” for “steal”. Nor do they …

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My work space, April 2012

Like most people, I assume, my work space is constantly evolving. Today I’ve added mirrors above my desk, so I can check myself – make sure I’m still working. Right now though, all I can think is that the bookcases behind me really need tidying. Oh, man…

Dance Break: Hey!

Of Monsters and Men, “Little Talks” I adore this song. The horn section has been stuck in my head for weeks. Hey! I have no idea what the rest of the CD, My Head is an Animal, sounds like, but I want to find out.

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