Beet It

Kim wanted to learn how to can, so I invited her over on Thursday and we pickled some beets.

The recipe we used was a slightly modified version of beets with fennel found in We Sure Can, which is an excellent recipe book compiled by Sarah B Hood.

The most challenging part of canning is finding the appropriate music. You know, like how you play Bob Marley’s “Jammin'” or anything by the Jam when you jam, and Cake when you’re baking a cake… I’m not the only person who does this… right?

Anyway, I settled on The Presidents of the United States of America’s self titled album, as “Peaches” mentions peaches in a can, which is kind of close. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” might have been more appropriate, but I really don’t like his music. Or his creepiness. Presidents it was.

I think this batch is going to turn out well. The first time I used this recipe it was with another kind of beet, so this will turn out a little differently, but beets were my favourite thing that I canned last year.

Thanks for your help Kim, I hope you enjoy the beets when they’re ready!

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