Book shopping

November's book stack

I acquire books the way some go for shoes: I see something I want and simply must have it.

Before going shopping on Saturday I asked the Twitterverse to recommend poets I should read, and I received some good suggestions: Anne Sexton from @la_panique, Louis Untermeyer from @szul, Robinson Jeffers from @davidbmetcalfe (thanks guys!) and I added a few more to my list Рalmost none of which I managed to find.

Even so, I did not come home empty handed, as you can see from the stack pictured left. This is what I picked up:



Surprisingly, no non-fiction this time!

I’ve updated LibraryThing, and included links for anyone who wants to check out any of these books.

My Books Read in 2010 list has also been updated with what I’ve been reading lately. At the time of writing I’m up to 86.

What’s everyone else reading these days? I’m always open to suggestion.

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