Credit where credit’s due

By honoring one another’s creation we honor something that deeply connects us all, and goes beyond us. – Joyce Carol Oates

-@parisreview, on Twitter

On the same day I read the above quote, I also read this excellent comic by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal about how – one way or another – robots will kill us all, and it will always be our fault.

At the very bottom of the comic, Zach Weiner links to a flow chart created by Rosscott, Inc titled “So you found something cool on the Internet…” which either results in the awesomeness of sharing, or a Native North American kitten shedding a single tear, and then dying. ((I have no idea why the kitten is a Native North American, but still, it must be true. I read it on the Internet.))

Kids, I hope you’ve learned something important today. Every time you watermark over someone else’s awesome work, you kill not only the Internet, but also a kitten. So don’t do it.

Also, don’t build sentient robots. It will never ever ever be a good idea. Trust me.

Cite your sources. Save the kittens.
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