CWILA 2012 counts, personal tallies and linkage

CWILA’s 2012 counts have been out for a few weeks now, and the commentary is starting to come in. Numbers are being questioned, concerns are being responded to. It’s all very encouraging, really.

Earlier this year, when I did my own tally of books read and books reviewed, I discovered that of the 164 books I read in 2012, twice as many were authored by men, and of the 10 reviews published in 2012, six were written by women, and four by men.

I haven’t tallied up what I’ve read so far this year, but I’m not sure how I’ll fare on that front. As for reviews published so far in 2013, I’ve reviewed six books authored by women, and five by men. Based on what’s lined up, it may be pretty close once again, but I don’t always know which reviews will be published when.

CWILA’s doing great things, I stand by my earlier call out to supporting CWILA. Which reminds me, I have to renew my membership for this year.

I still serve on the admin team as a web admin, and helped with the count for one journal. It was kind of cool to see how it’s done. Very labour-intensive, big ups to everyone involved.

Also, for a couple of months now, I’ve been doing a bi-weekly links round up for CWILA’s blog called Linkage. Below are the round ups posted so far:

  • Linkage: Counts, Totally Hip, and Batman
  • Linkage: Drinks, failure, and astronauts
  • Linkage: Scaring men, tech-savviness, and motherhood
  • Linkage: Alice Munro, gendered covers and cancelled subscriptions
  • Linkage: Collusion, raunch and dressing like a woman

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