Four reviews in Broken Pencil 58

Another great issue of Broken Pencil, of course. Especially the feature on the rise of books about punk rock. For so long no one felt they were marketable, now we have an explosion of them, and it’s wonderful.

In this issue I reviewed Mark Hazelbower’s You Can’t Get There from Here, ((The image above my review of You Can’t Get There from Here isn’t the same as the cover of the zine I reviewed. It’s a little awkward as I go into detail about how much I liked the cover. I don’t know if the author sent another edition, or how it appeared there, but these things happen.)) Cordelia Strube’s Milosz, Emma Healey’s Begin with the End in Mind, and last but not least, Nicole Markotic’s collection with the gorgeous cover, Bent at the Spine.

Some of BP‘s stories may end up on their new app, the Nub, so check that out too. ((The front page looks a little funky on my Android, but it’s brand new, and I’m sure the kinks will be worked out as it goes along.))

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