Here there be dragons

I’ve wanted to get my forearms done for ages, and back in August I finally had a little gargoyle done on my left arm. I love my little monster, he’s so happy.

On Thursday the set was completed with a water dragon on my right arm. This picture doesn’t quite do her justice. She’s gorgeous with incredible detail and stunning highlights. ((The earth and air of the gargoyle balanced out with the water and fire of an aquatic dragon.))

Both tattoos are were custom drawn by Alie K, of Archive Tattoo in Toronto. She was so patient with my multiple redesigns, her shading is out of this world, she’s clean and professional, and just generally awesome.

I’m super excited by how this pair turned out. I went to so many tattoo parlours before I finally found Archive and Alie, the artwork she’s done in the past just blew me away. Definitely check her out next time you want ink.

This water dragon is my fourth tattoo, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

The red is blood, not colour. ;)

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