I want you to slap me as hard as you can

Warning: NSFW

Cute video, and I can’t knock book love, but I’d be the girl getting slapped in the I heart Kurt Vonnegut tee.

That’s ok, I feel vindicated knowing that Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library will be opening in Indianapolis, IN later this year, and that the library already has more than 5200 Facebook fans.

Does Ray Bradbury have a library? I didn’t think so.

I like this quote in the Guardian from Edie Vonnegut, his daughter:

“We have boxes of rejection letters, letters saying ‘You have no talent and we suggest you give up writing’,” she told the Associated Press. “He did not have an easy time of it, and I think for anyone who wants to be a writer it will be important for them to see how tough it was for him.”

Boxes. I have a small file folder.

That’s encouraging…right?

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