In other news…May reads

I’ve finished updating my books read list for May. When I first posted about the list, my sister mocked me under the absurd impression that she reads more than I do. So she began to keep track, and in April we held a contest, which I won. By a lot. In May, she tried again, and lost again. It was a silly nonsense contest, but there you have it.

Looking over the list for May, it seems I read far more graphic novels than I usually do (none of which counted for our contest. I’ve finally started on Promethea, which had been recommended to me several times. Inspired by the filming currently under way, I re-read the first Scott Pilgrim, continued with the rest of the books published thus far, then gushed about its infinite awesome.

In May I renewed my love of Atwood, found I don’t particularly care for Bertrand Russell (despite the quote extracted), and discovered a new appreciation for Daniel C. Dennett.

I also read The Graveyard Book in preparation for Monday, where I’ll be attending An Evening with Neil Gaiman, which is a part of the Luminato Festival which began tonight, and Wednesday’s free event Gothic Toronto also sounds very tempting.

Any recommendations?

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