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Introducing A Trans and Translike Medieval Bibliography

There are a number of great lists of queer books and articles that focus on the Middle Ages, but I couldn’t find anything that specifically centred medieval trans and translike figures, so I decided to create one.

And so: A Trans and Translike Medieval Bibliography, which was created by going through bibliographies I had written for papers, my bookshelves, as well as important resources including Lucy Allen’s “A ‘Queer Medieval’ Reading List,” MW Bychowski’s website Transliterature: Things Transform, Eileen Joy’s working bibliography for Seminar in Medieval Literature: Medieval Sex, and Rictor Norton’s Bibliography of Gay and Lesbian History, particularly the section “Medieval History.”

After I shared the first draft on Twitter, people immediately began to send in suggestions, and I am so grateful for everyone’s interest!

I would love for this to be a collaborative work and I’m trying to figure out the best way to ensure everyone gets credited (if they want to be — I know trans and queer things can be contentious). Those who contribute and wish to be included will be named in the header with a link to their Twitter account, website, or anything else they would like to share. Cool people are co-creating this list, and I would love to see more connections made between the wonderful people who are interested in our little niche of medieval studies. (It’s covid times. I’m lonely.)

The bibliography was created as a Google Doc for easy access and sharing. Suggestions, additions, and corrections can be edited directly into the document (edits will appear as suggestions) or by contacting me and I can input the changes manually.

The document is also permanently embedded on this website on the page “A Trans and Translike Medieval Bibliography.”

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