Literary bars, hedgehogs, horses, dolphins, and William Shatner

Congratulations to Tamas Dobozy who won the Writers’ Trust prize for fiction for Siege 13, and to Alex Pugsley, who won the Journey Prize for “Crisis on Earth X,” published in The Dalhousie Review. Chad Pelley has more on the winners on Salty Ink, and Lynn Coady offer’s a juror’s perspective on Open Book Ontario.

John Barber’s spreading doom and gloom in The Globe and Mail again. ECW Press’s David Caron responds, arguing that “patient capital creates cultural legacies.”

That said, as many as 25% of Canadian households don’t own a single book. How is that even possible? First Book Canada seeks to change that, having donated some 1 million books to children in low income families. Global has a spotlight here.

I had no idea that all these years I’d been writing with man pens. Thanks to Bic, which has just made special pens “for her,” ((Worth clicking — the reviews are hilarious.)) that come in lady colours like pink and purple, and cost twice as much as regular man pens, I can now write with ease. Or unease. What the fuck is this, Bic? Twigged by Ellen’s rant, which she linked to in a recent tweet, reminding me of this absurdity. ((There are also a several dozen new sites and blogs mocking them. And rightly so.))

Ready your lady pens, or your lady laptops, ((Seriously, when will this shit stop?)) mes amis, write a short story, and enter it in Broken Pencil‘s Deathmatch 2013. If you dare.

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In other news, Lydia lost her bouncy eyeball. Fortunately, we had a red bouncy ball in reserve. She loses these things all the time. We must have three or four dozen fluorescent mice hidden around the house. Her squirrel, on the other hand, she brings with her everywhere she goes – she’d never lose it.

I have a weird cat.

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