New plants, containers, and a bench

Garden, May 2012

This weekend I added a few more plants to the garden. The lower left hand corner is zucchini, and in the lower right corner is a strawberry plant.

I’ve started watering the garden in the mornings, as I often don’t get home until after 11 pm, and that seems a bit late to stumble around in the dark with a watering can. I don’t know what the rules are for those, but most of the plants seem to be ok with it it so far.

The nasturtiums look a bit sad, and so does the dill. They were sort of “found” plants that were left behind, unwatered for a few days. It could be that, or it could be something else. I’m not sure what’s up with them. One of my parsley plants looks a little funky too.

Containers & Bench, May 2012

Perhaps the most dramatic addition to the back yard came in the form of this lovely garden bench, small table, and group of containers. Since we moved the barbeque, this corner of the backyard remained unused and kind of pointless. With the addition of a few plants and a place to read (Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto), the space has really brightened up.

I’ve been looking around quite a bit for a blueberry bush, and my husband spoke of giant garden centre he drove by on his way to work called Plant World. Holy crap. They had at least half a dozen kinds, and just about every other conceivable plant. Did you know that there are over a dozen different kinds of raspberry bush? I didn’t. I have no idea what mine are.

Goth Salad, May 2012

I bought a toro blueberry bush (billed as good for cooking or canning), Canadian rhubarb, more strawberries and a proper strawberry container), and what I’m calling goth salad.

This was sold as a salad mix, but I couldn’t find a tag with a break down of what’s actually in it. I bought it because most of the leaves are a dark colour, and I really like the idea of eating a bowl of dark, melancholy leaves at midnight in a cemetery.

I still have room for a few more herbs. Oregano’s on my list, as I keep forgetting to pick it up. We’ll see what else I can find.

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